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When to buy a replacement motorcycle screen

The most common notion is that a motorcycle windshield should only be replaced when sufficient damage has been sustained.

Motorcycle windshields (or screens) are typically made from a thermo-formed polymer based resin(acrylic), which gives it's appearance as a clear, hard plastic (although other tints are available). There is also the possibility that a motorcycle windshield can be manufactured from a polycarbonate material. The difference between normal acrylic and a polycarbonate based screen is the stress load breaking point, or shatter point. Regular acrylic sheeting has only 30% of the strength (0.4 ft. lbs/in) of a polycarbonate sheeting (1.5 ft. lbs/in). Due to the brittle nature of manufactured acrylic screens, it is difficult for them to receive a homologation or safety pass. Most motorcycle windshields are therefore manufactured from a polycarbonate material or an impact resistant acrylic (typically conforming to 1.0 ft. lbs/in) , the latter being cheaper to produce while also conforming to safety standards.

The difference in motorcycle screen price given it's material can vary between manufacturers. Some manufacturers have been producing their screens out of impact resistant acrylic for years and some higher end manufacturers choose to use polycarbonate although the difference in sales volumes is a trade off at the expense of a higher retail price.

Typically, a motorcycle screen will last for the duration of the motorcycles natural operational life, with some motorcycle screens being replaced under warranty due to excessive wear within the first 12 months. This is of course a standard service operated by most good motorcycle dealerships offering part replacement in their warranty schemes.

However, once the warranty wears out a replacement screen can be difficult to wrangle out of a motorcycle dealership due to impositions placed upon the dealer by the operating franchise. Anything and everything that can be replaced on a motorcycle is a potential sales point for the originating manufacturer. Stocks of these aftermarket parts are not often held in-store and can take weeks to arrive. This is where Pyramid come in.

Pyramid has been stockpiling and offering a very large range of replacement motorcycle screens for over 20 years with the help from their French partners Ermax and Spanish partners Puig. Both European based accessory manufacturers offer a wide variety of screens to suit a very large range of motorcycles. Options for tints vary from the elaborate Iridium screens offered by Ermax to more commonplace dark smoke and light smoke options offered by Puig. Of course, options such as red, blue and green tinted screens also exist from both manufacturers. A varying range of styles, from racing, touring, standard and universal are available.

Screens that are out of stock are usually granted a 2 week ( or 14 working days if there are national holidays ) turnaround. With orders coming in all the time from the continent, orders sometimes arrive ahead of schedule.

The best common practice for this is (if you are not technically savvy or are unsure about mechanically replacing your screen) to ask your motorcycle dealer or accessory retailer to give Pyramid a call to see if we have the screen that you're looking for on our shelves. Instead of waiting a fortnight for replacement parts from a depot, we can offer a replacement screen (when the item is in stock) usually within 24 to 28 hours.

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